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BBMouse is US$545 per copy (Windows, Mac OS9, Mac OS X Power PC/Intel).

Everything required for networking is included in each copy of BBMouse, so to set up a network you just need to purchase one copy of the application for each computer you're going to be using. Networking Windows to Mac copies is not a problem.


Should you wish to make a purchase, please contact us by phone or email to arrange for payment.

Telephone: (604) 685-8506

Email: sales@bigbench.com

Payment options are listed below. In all cases, once we receive your payment (or P.O.) we will email you a registration code, which will unlock your demo version and render it fully functional. Payment may be made by:

1. Visa, Mastercard, American Express

If you wish to charge your order to your Visa or Mastercard, please call us with the following information:

Card number
Name as it appears on the card
Expiry Date
3 or 4 digit security code
The address to which the bill is sent
The telephone number associated with the credit card account

2. Purchase Order

To arrange to pay by purchase order please send an email to sales@bigbench.com


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