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Welcome to the home of Big Bench Mouse -- the complete colony-management software solution for Windows and Mac

Specifically designed for transgenic mouse colonies, BBMouse™ makes it easy to:

Track an unlimited number of phenotypes and genotypes concurrently;

Search your colony for mice that meet a variety of criteria, including dam and sire, age and sex, and multiple genotypes;

Keep a precise inventory of mice in your colony (and thereby maintain your lines using fewer mice, reducing costs);

Draw graphical mouse pedigrees -- instantly;

Track cage locations for mice, litters and breeding pairs;

Print hard-copy records and microfuge tube labels with the click of a mouse;

Share your mouse colony data with other labs using BBMouse™; and

Set up a multi-user network -- even between Macs and PCs!

To download the free demo version of BBMouse™, go to the download demo page and follow the simple instructions. The demo version is pre-loaded with sample data so you can evaluate the record-keeping and data analysis capabilities of the software.

Also available for free download is the new Users' Guide, as well as an easy-to-follow tutorial to help you get started. Both the Users' Guide and the tutorial are in PDF format, so they may be viewed on-screen or easily printed.

For pricing information, or to purchase Big Bench Mouse, please visit the purchase page.




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